Friday 9/11 @ Take 5 Robbinsville, NJ

Today is a day to remember and I can think of no better way to remember everyone and everything we lost 14 years ago today than to laugh. That’s right, laugh. Laugh because despite everything we’re still here and I don’t think those we lost in the Towers, the Pentagon, and on United flight 93 would want us to be sad. They’d want us to go on living and be happy and yes, they’d want us to laugh.

So in that spirit, I performed tonight at Take 5 Cafe in Robbinsville. I hosted and we had a great line-up. I warmed up the crowd with my stuff, worked them a little bit to get them in the mood, and even greeted a customer as she walked in. Her name was Mary Ann and she was very nice. It was also a lady named Donna’s birthday. I hope she had fun. I know I did.

We had an awesome line-up. Jeff Roser, Cassandra Dee who I was excited about because for once I wasn’t the only female comic, Kurt Zimmerman did a set and debuted his new stuff, Jerry Torres killed, Keith Carnevale made it difficult for me to sip my awesome beverage for fear of nosing it, Foster Nicholson aka The Genius did a spot-on Barack Obama, and our headliner Dennis Ross was a riot. All in all, an epic night.

Take 5 is a family owned business and the owner Umesh and his wife are the sweetest people. Give them a like on Facebook. They also have BYOB paint parties and their food, pastries, candy, and their beverages are amazing. They even have ice cream! What more could you want? I’m definitely looking forward to the next show. Second Friday of every month. Be there or miss out.


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