Saturday 9/26 @ City Streets Cafe E. Windsor, NJ

This was a super fun show to do. Kurt was the host with the most. I had the pleasure of performing with Keith Carnevale for a second time. He performed at the Take 5 show earlier this month. It was great to perform with Scott Friedman and Carlo Bellario. As you can see from the poster, both Carlo and my last names are the bane of every spellcheck’s existence. The show was an absolute blast and it was awesome to hear from honest to goodness working comics that I have good stuff. The cherry on top happened when Kurt handed the mic to an audience member who happened to be a sod farmer with an epic ‘stache. Seriously this dude’s facial hair game was strong. Anyway, his name was JJ and he couldn’t do stand up but he entertained us with some smooth music and proceeded to belt a version of Loving You that would’ve either made Minnie Riperton clap or spin in her grave. The best part is that he made it look like he was singing it to Kurt. It’s stuff like this that makes me stay after the credits for every single Marvel universe movie. So, last night’s takeaway is always stay after the show’s over.


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