Take 5 Gourmet Robbinsville, NJ 11/13

Once again Kurt Zimmerman put together a great show and I’m thrilled that I was part of it. Steve Schwartz hosted and Tim Eli, Jared Ellman, Kurt, Mark Staudemaier all killed. Our headliner Simply Dee was superb. I always learn something at these shows and I took away some great ideas that I can’t wait to apply to my own act.

And yet my heart is heavy. Five minutes before the show I learned of the attack on Paris. I’m so sorry for the victims and their families but there’s hope. This tragedy led to people opening their homes to others in need of a safe place. There is sadness but whenever we see the worst of what people have to offer we also see the best.

I’m sure some would question how I can be funny at a time like this. I’ll reply with a quote from Game of Thrones. “Laughter is poison to fear.” If the individuals responsible want us to be afraid then to me the only appropriate response is laughter and last night we caused laughter. So, take that fear.


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