The Comedy Life

In a rare twist of fate, I had 2 shows booked in one weekend. Friday night at Take 5 Gourmet in Robbinsville, NJ and Saturday night the Coins for Colleen Fundraiser.

Friday night at Take 5 almost became the show that never was. I spent most of the day in bed with a migraine. However I rallied in the late afternoon and when show time arrived, I daresay I even passed for a functional adult. We had another epic show. The audience turned out and they were turn’t up as the kids say nowadays. I hosted and newcomer Harrison Brown, a very funny teenager led off followed by Tom Mongelli, Jonny Smallwood, Doug Max, James Camacho, Peter Brown, Steve Schwartz, and Joey Novick who came very close to causing me to nose my beverage. Kurt Zimmerman headlined and was off the chain as usual. I’m definitely looking forward to next month.

Saturday night was the Coins for Colleen fundraiser and it was really something special. It was a packed house of 300 people my largest audience to date and my fellow hosts of the Robbinsville Trainwreck (previous shows can be found here) Kurt Zimmerman and Tim Eli came out to help. In addition to all the laughing because we killed it, there was also dinner, dancing, drinks, a 50-50, a basket auction, and a crap ton of fun. What made this show special to me was looking at Colleen, a damn nice lady who’s sick with colon cancer, and seeing her laughing. It reminded me why I started doing this in the first place and it made all the hours of writing, rehearsing, and arguments with myself over phrasing all worth it. I also donated my hair in Colleen’s honor so that it can give hope to others who are battling cancer.

So folks, my weekend was chock full of jokes. In fact even my video camera got in on the act and rendered almost all of my footage unusable to anyone who doesn’t want to watch a video that looks like my world before I put in my contacts. Even my video camera is funny! However I did manage to salvage a little bit in the form of exactly one joke from Take 5 on Friday and it’s brand new. You can watch it here.



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