More Shenanigans @ Take 5

Last night’s show at Take 5 was a blast. The crowd was great! Kurt Zimmerman hosted. I opened the show and one of the funniest moments of my set was when my child filter failed. Thankfully, my niece wasn’t in the room otherwise I wouldn’t be alive to post this. We were joined by Sami Stans, Chris Sicoli, Kenan Floyd, James Camacho, Dan Lamorte, and our headliner Zack Hammond. Zack’s got an album out and you should definitely check it out. You can buy it here.

As always it was a really fun show to do.To see video of my entire set, go here. I also made a shiny new YouTube playlist which you can check out here. I haven’t booked any more shows for this month, but that might change. I’ll keep you posted here. In the meantime, you can catch me every Wednesday night at 7 PM on on The Robbinsville Trainwreck. Keep laughing!


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