Friday Night @ Take 5

Friday night was a truly epic performance for me, but not just because I got to meet and connect with other comics I hadn’t yet had the privilege of working with before, but also because I got to help inspire the next generation of funny.

Monday night, I went over to the Zimmerman house and I helped his daughter Katelyn work on her material. She’s got great stuff so it was a pretty easy job. I was excited for her all week. She had an advantage that I didn’t have the first time I went up and that was time to prepare. Kurt, being the great friend he is threw me on stage spur of the moment. I did it because I knew that if I didn’t that I would continue to talk about doing stand-up as opposed to you know actually doing stand-up.

Friday when I walked into Take 5 Katelyn didn’t quite see it that way. Sure she had time to prepare, she told me, but she also had time to panic. Kurt pulled me aside and asked me to talk to her because she was trying to back out and nothing he said was having any real impact because she’s a teenage girl and he’s her dad. There’s a long-standing history of teenage girls not really wanting to listen to their dads. I’m sure my family will attest to me absolutely being a typical teenage girl on this front.

Being a comic and having been a teenage girl myself, I worked on talking Katelyn down and getting her grounded back in this reality, not the big, scary world of “what if?”

“What if I forget all my material?”

Use your cheat sheet. Nobody’s going to give you a hard time for that.

“What if I didn’t write enough on it?”

Let me see. Okay take a breath and start your set. At this point, she rattled off the first 2 minutes of her 4-minute set without me prompting her from her index card cheat sheet once, but she was still afraid. At that point I said probably the most adulty thing that she’s ever heard come out of my mouth. Fear could stand for 2 things. Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.

“I like the first one.”

I reminded her of how good her jokes were and I told her that if you keep putting it off for next month, you’re going to be saying “I’ll do it next month” for the rest of your life. Her friend and I kept talking her up until she agreed to perform and guys, she was INCREDIBLE! Off the cuff she told the crowd that if they didn’t laugh, they were going to make a little girl cry. Kurt, her mother, and I exchanged a look and high fived when she came down off the stage after totally owning the room. They both thanked me for talking her into performing and I know they were both proud. I’m pretty darn proud of the kid myself. She was part of a line-up that was stellar despite having me in it.

Steve Schwartz hosted. There were great sets by Johnny Smallwood, Tina Marie, Tom Mongielli, Greg Rapport, James Camacho, and Dan Lamorte. Tim Eli came out to support us. As much as I say I’m not that funny, the other comics and the crowd seemed to like my set, but you be the judge. Friday night set @ Take 5


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