Farmstead Arts Center 7/23

Last night I did a show up in Basking Ridge. Next to my open mic performance in Naples, Florida this is the farthest I’ve traveled to do a comedy show. I hosted and had an absolute blast. I have a few takeaways:

  1. I need to invest in a GoPro and dash mount because according to my passenger, my road rage is hilarious.
  2. You can lengthen an interview with any reporter by simply refusing to shut the hell up.
  3. Warren County is full of conservatives and Republicans which is weird because New Jersey is traditionally a more left-leaning, blue state. Being from South Jersey I must confess I’m not as familiar with the political leanings of the Piedmont region of my home state.

I made a snarky comment about Chris “Donald please notice me” Christie and I did my joke about why I don’t often go to church. I was approached by a woman who said that she didn’t find those jokes very funny and repeated what Christie said about how Hillary Clinton should be locked up. I was nice to her and listened politely, but what I really wanted to say was “Oh aren’t you a good little parrot.” She asked why I didn’t make any comments about Obama. I let that go, but I wanted to say, “Because I’m not a racist.” I’m not the least bit offended by this, and in fact she has every right to her feelings and her opinions, no matter how un-original they may be. I would never take away anyone’s right to their opinions and feelings, but folks if you’re going to be critical of a comedian, the least you could do is have the guts to get up on the stage yourself. It’s not as easy as you would think.

Writing material isn’t just getting wacky with a pen or a keyboard. For every minute of material I have, I conservatively estimate that I’ve put four hours of work polishing, perfecting, memorizing, and rehearsing. Then there’s the amount of intestinal fortitude to get up in front of a room full of people and own that room. It’s hard to explain how I do it because I have absolutely no idea. Being a comic is a challenge and I love doing it.

If you want to watch my set, there’s a link here. If you can figure out how I appear as comfortable as I do, by all means drop me a line.


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