New Season of Doctor Who & Class

The wait is finally over! We have a new season of Doctor Who to watch! There’s plenty for Whovians to be excited about with the new season and the stateside debut of the new spinoff Class.

It’s a season of firsts! It is hard to top the first televised inter-species, same sex kiss. Nevertheless, like Elizabeth Warren, the show’s writers persisted. Pearl Mackie is the first non-white woman cast in the role of the Doctor’s companion. I know it’s about damn time and yes, I’m a pasty white woman saying that. Bill Potts is also the first openly gay companion. Take that, Trump voters!

But in all seriousness, score one for diversity. Maybe we can use this to pave the way for the first female Doctor. Dammit if The Master can regenerate into Missy, it can happen. For the record my picks for the first female Doctor would be Tatiana Maslany, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lucy Lawless, or Emma Watson. However if the Doctor MUST remain male, my top picks are Eddie Redmayne and Tom Felton. Get on it, BBC.


A new Doctor Who spinoff has also premiered stateside. Class is a new series that follows the students and staff of Coal Hill Academy which has been featured on the show since 1963’s An Unearthly Child. It’s a bit darker and grittier than Doctor Who and raises the veil between the everyday world and the things that come through the cracks in the walls of space and time. It’s darker just by virtue of the body count. Seriously I’ve seen two episodes and I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that a crapton of people died.

I have high hopes for this one and I’m not just saying that because we’re about to experience the final season of Orphan Black and I’m desperate to fill the void that’s likely to create in my life. The young cast is pretty talented and the writing is superb so far. My only disappointment is a severe lack of a second Doctor Who spinoff featuring Vastra, Strax, and Jenny. Seriously BBC, get on it!


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